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Our History

Hey there! We're Akshay and Shravari, the data geeks behind Pro Visualizers LLP

Back in 2017, we started playing with data just for fun. It turned out to be so cool, we decided to share our passion with the world! So, in 2024, Pro Visualizers was born.


We wear two hats:

  • Pro Visualizers LLP: This is our main hub, where we take on exciting data projects for companies. We turn their raw numbers into stunning dashboards that tell clear stories. Think modern interfaces, sparkling clean data, and even a dash of Augmented Reality for extra wow factor.
  • BI Academy: This is our training ground, where we help others become data wizards. We offer personalized one-on-one Power BI training and tailored training sessions for whole companies.


Our Story:

Remember when you first saw Power BI and felt a bit lost? Yeah, us too! We started as beginners, just like you. But we never gave up. Akshay, now a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst, has tackled freelance projects and helped hundreds of students through BI Academy. Shravari, after freelancing and contributing to the Power BI community, even worked as a Power BI Developer at Reliance General Insurance!

Whether you’re a business looking for insights or a curious individual wanting to level up your skills, we’re here to guide you. Let’s turn your data into something amazing together!

P.S. Check out Akshay’s and Shravari’s personal websites for more details on their journeys!

See you on the data path!

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Check out Akshay’s and Shravari’s personal websites for more details on their journeys!

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